Bonafide Red - dry

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chambourcin.  A smooth sipping wine. 

Hooray Red - dry

Medium bodied, Chambourcin.  American Hybrid

Belle Red - semi sweet

Medium bodied blend of Chambourcin and Black Spanish 

Cedar Ridge Red - semi sweet

Medium bodied, Chambourcin

Ghost White - semi sweet

A smooth fruity Cayuga white

Lucy Red - sweet

A blush blend between Cayuga & Chambourcin

Polly White - sweet

A smooth fruity Cayuga white with a sweet finish

Revival Red - sweet

Medium bodied, Concord

Muscadine White - sweet

A Southern favorite, made from the bronze muscadine grape. 

Muscadine Red - sweet

A Southern favorite, light red wine made from the black muscadine grape.